Meeting dolphins and humpback whales on Hawaii.

My travel to Hawaii was in January 2002. In one way I don't know what to write, because travelling to Big Island, Hawaii goes beyond words. Although it was always my dream to go to Hawaii, I was scared of being disappointed, but for no reason, because it is most beautiful. Before I went I only knew very little about Hawaii, now I have read a couple of books, and know that Hawaii is 7 islands, the one I visited was Big Island. All internationel planes arrive at Honolulu on Oahu. I only was one day in Honolulu and went to Wakiki Beach, although Wakiki is "The Beach" to go to, it was too touristy for me.
Big Island is a fantastic island, the natural surroundings are everything, roches, beaches, rainforrest, snow covered mountain and of course the volcano with its Goddess Péle, therefore Big Island is also called Péle's Island.
For my 3 weeks stay I remained at Kealakekua Bay on the west of the island, where both dolphins and humpback whales swim. The dolphins also frequent two bays futher south, "Two Step" and "Hookena Beach".
When we first arrived, it was not possible to swim out from the shore due to huge seas following a big storm. I tried and got thrown around. The sea demands respect and it is importent to know how to swim in such condition.

Above: Kealakekua Bay, where I stayed

Below: The place called "Hookena Beach"
Above: The place called "Two Step".

Below: Kealakekua Bay towards " Captain Cooks Monument",


Above you see photos of the curious and kind spinner dolphins. Their name they have because they can "spin" around a lot of times when they jump out of the water. It was a facinating experienced to swim together with 200 to 300 dolphins, they were all over, under me and on both sides, where ever I looked there were dolphins, and to listen to them......beyond words.........
The same with the humpback whales, to see them jump, make tail slapping, wave with there long fins. To see them care for their babies, to hear them singing in the water was




As I have already told I stayed at K-Bay. Joan Ocean has lived in K-Bay since 1989, and have been swimming with the dolphins nearly every day, she has written two good books about dolphins, look under my Links, if you want to read about Joan. When I mention Joan, it is because it was after reading her books that I just "had to go to Hawaii". And it was a beautiful experience to meet Joan, she is what I call a true "dolphin-human" and she lives the "dolphinway". I met more of those people on Hawaii. By the way I was together with a Swedish group, guided by Lotten Odh, for more about Lotten look under my Links. I can truely recommand Lottens dolphintrips.

To travel and swim with dolphins is rather demanding, but also very rich. The dolphins first of all teach me ACCEPT, RESPECT, JOY and PRESENCE.

My wish is, that dolphinpeople all over the world support each other and in this way more and more people will learn to love dolphins and live in the "dolphinway", which for me is "living from the heart", and in that way treat both animal, human and nature with honesty, acceptance, responsibility, respect and love.