Links to other persons or organisations with interest for dolphins. Commen for all of them is that they have had contact with dolphins, and use what they have learnt in their daily life.
International Dolphin Watch is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the care and understanding of dolphins - especially their relationship with humans. Support IDW by being a member Joan Ocean has lived on Hawaii since 1989, first she lived near K-Bay, now she lives futher up in the mountain on a place called "Sky Ranch". I find Joan a true "dolphinwomen". I can recommand her dolphintrips.
Michael and Melainah live on Big Island, Hawaii. Both of them are wonderful "dolphinpeople". They take you out in a small boat on the open sea to meet dolphins and whales. Michael is a fantastic captain. I can warmly recommand to contact them.
Roma Spring and Volker Todt has base on Tenerife November until May, rest of the year office in Kiel. They have dedicated their life to examine the relationship between humans and dophins and live their own life in love, truth and simplicity.
Institute for deeptherapy by Estrid and Steen Nordby. A friend of mine living in London. Delphiris loves dolphins and use them in her work, also in Oceantherapy. She makes dolphintrips to Bahama, which I can recommand.
Lotten Odh lives near Stockholm in Sweden and has founded the organisation "To protect dolphins and whales". She organises fantastic dolphin- and whale tours all over the world.
A place I want to recomend, even I have not yet visited myself, but I certainly want to. What I read on the homepage is lot of knowledge about dolphins, and the swimming and work with dolphins seems to be done with love and respect for both the dolphins and the people involved.
BDRI stand for Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute and is placed on the north of Sardinia Island, Italy.
Even if I have not visited the place myself, I have a feeling that the place is doing good work for the dolphins. And all people with an interest in the welfare of dolphins have a possibility to go there and learn more about dolphins, and at the same time help the group working on BDRI.