Horace Dobbs

Dilo and the Call of the Deep

Dilo and the Call of the Deep is a wonderful illustrated children book about the dolphin Dilo and his mother. The book gives a truthful picture about all what Dilo has to learn while growing up. At the same time the book gives a fascinating knowledge about the exciting and mysterious world of the dolphins in the ocean.

Perhaps the Call of the Deep also is the voice of the soul, which from far away is calling everybody, children as well as grown ups. Children and the dolphin Dilo is in direct contact with the voice of the soul, and that gives Dilo hope, when he in the end of the book has to continue his travel alone.

Translated into Danish by Alice Skriver, Publisher Lotus, 112 pages 148 kr.

Ask for the book in bookshops and in the library.

The purpose with the book is beside a wish to spread knowledge about dolphins also to get children to reflect in which way they can help to protect our ocean, and altogether show respect and gratitude to nature.

If school classes has dolphins as a theme, I will love to come and tell more about dolphins.



Illustration from the book