About the author Horace Dobbs.

Horace Dobbs is uniquely qualified to write this book because he himself has been beckoned by the "call of the deep". He has dived in all the oceans of the World and has made special study of dolphins. Virtually all of the encounters Dilo has while growing up Horace has also experienced: he has been in the middle of a shark feeding frenzy, dived with seals and fanned scallops with his fins until they rose from the seabed and were swimming around him by rapidly opening and closing their shells. At the time he was wearing full diving equipment and was so amused by the incident that he sat on the seabed and conducted the underwater ballet of the Clop-Clops with his snorkel tube.
Horace has a wonderful gift for recounting such adventures, and has enthralled live audiences of all ages – including children with learning difficulties.
Horace Dobbs is the author of numerous books. In addition to presenting his own films Horace is a popular interviewer on radio and TV.
Horace founded in 1978 International Dolphin Watch (IDW), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the care and understanding of dolphins – especially their relationship with humans.

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